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 We hope you will remember Scott

The Scott Robert Krulcik Memorial Scholarship in Computer Science has been established to honor the memory of Scott Krulcik (CS, 2018) by acknowledging and rewarding those current Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) Computer Science (CS) Juniors and Seniors that have clearly demonstrated the core traits, attitude, and approach that embodied Scott. It is hoped that these promising young adults can go forth and impact the world for many generations to come in the way that Scott would have if he didn't leave this world at such a young age. 

 Bob Krulcik Scott's Dad

We are so happy that Harlene was chosen to be the first recipient of Scott's Scholarship fund. Read more about Harlene in the link above.

Another amazing scholarship winner of Scott's memorial scholarship at CMU. We are so happy for you Prithvi! You sound like you share Scott's enthusiasm for teaching. Good luck in your future.

Wow, Edward sounds like a wonderful student and an amazing young man. We are so grateful he was chosen to receive the scholarship. He has done some amazing things and it's obvious how much he cares about the world. Keep it going, Edward! 

We are so grateful to hear Rachel was chosen to win Scott's memorial scholarship at Carnegie Mellon this year.

Rachel has an interest in teaching as Scott did. Rachel also has an appreciation of learning through sharing with peers on many topics. We are excited to learn of Rachel's interest in how language impacts computer science. Congratulations Rachel!

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